Network delicacies

Veppi supplies you with websites and stores quickly, reliably and cost-effectively, with the experience of dozens of sites delivered to our customers.

And besides: The pages are not generic and boring, but unique pages made just for your company. Funny, interesting or factually official – you decide, and we make it happen!

And if that's what you want, we can also offer functional budget class solutions. In this case, we don't sit at the coffee table with fresh wheat and quietly scratch project management costs into invoices, like big offices do. Instead, we immediately start creating websites for you that  are ready for publication within 24 hours if needed!

Good design principles

We design websites using good website design principles. We avoid overly heavy add-ons, optimize images and delete unnecessary elements that do not serve the purposes of your pages. We always optimize the pages for mobile and pad as well.

Modern layout and functionality

We understand emerging trends and interpret them we create modern website looks. We strive to bring to the pages the design principles that are on the rise in the world. However, we don't go crazy - if your pages require a traditional style, clarity, or for some reason you just want an authentic 90s page, we will make them for you.

Easy to update
Easy upgradeability

We only select add-ons for your pages that are supported by the add-on developer. We always update the add-ons to the latest possible ones at the time of delivery of the pages. In addition, we give you clear guidance and instructions on how you will be able to update your pages yourself in the future.

Transparent operation

We genuinely listen to the customer's wishes and suggestions, and we strive to fulfill his wishes. We also help the customer find his own style if necessary and present him with good, functional and aesthetic options. We also always tell you how the project is progressing and what information we need.

Competitive price

Our light cost structure makes it possible for the price we ask for pumped directly into production and thereby to the creation of your website. So you don't pay for office space, salespeople's evening parties, or anything else that's unnecessary! You can be 100% sure that you will get value for your investment.

Customer experience

Nina Joki, Joki LKV

"Based on the little clues I gave, Matti delivered the pages I have always dreamed of!✨✨ Different, clear and functional! "

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... and over a hundred other satisfied customers!