AI artificial intelligence illustrations. A threat or a possibility?

The year 2022 and especially 2023 will go down in the history books as the years when the entire illustration industry (and text production as well) will experience a major change. What does this mean in practice?

On the visual side, the change is drastic and also visible to the customer. The choice will increase and the number of pictures will not be a problem. Modern AI image creation software is able to create concepts from the desired elements and refine them to such an extent that they are completely production-ready works of art without the finishing touch. They are also individual, i.e. completely unique works of art, to which, in principle, no one has copyright as such. Furthermore, if desired, the images are so special and combine things in a new way that their attention value is really much greater than those made with traditional media. If you're illustrating something in 2023, the number one option is AI!

Veppi always uses the best algorithms and tools to achieve the desired end result. At the moment, by far the best software is Midjourney (v4 at the time of publication), through which we get incredibly good blanks for further processing. The images made by AI are often almost perfect if the program is correctly instructed. They have features that camera operators can only dream of. They also have features that traditional illustrators can't even dream of! 

In practice, the workflow is still quite traditional. You tell us what you need, tell us the details of the object, the lighting, the genre - we create samples of different illustrations and styles. You choose the image, we tune it into production. The process is fast and enables considerably more affordable illustration products compared to the previous one. And what's best – all this replaces traditional and expensive camera image production!

Contact us and we'll make a couple of sample photos for you - they don't cost you anything!