The logo is the heart of the company

The company's brand is built on images and how the customer experiences the company they encounter. One of the biggest interfaces in relation to a business is the visual interface. What does the company look like, what associations does it create and what values does it communicate? One could almost say that the logo is the soul of the company. The logo runs as part of all the company’s communications and is really worth investing in, as a bad non-functioning logo can, in the worst case, drive away potential customers. A good logo immediately gives the company a professional impression and gets the customer interested. The logo serves as a big part of the company's visual appearance. The visual look, on the other hand, elevates emotions and creates images. One must remember that emotions guide a person in making a decision!

When designing a company logo, you need to think about what you want to communicate about the company in the form of a logo. The logo is, in effect, a symbol that identifies a company. The best logos are simple and memorable, easy to remember. Because emotions guide a person in making a decision, it’s good to think about a emotion to which the logo is easy to associate; Does the logo seek self-confidence and energy, or even strength? The desired feeling, or emotions, is sought in colors and shapes.

Why Veppi?

We take full care of what your company looks like. In addition to logos, we also make other types of visual messages. If you need a custom illustration, feel free to ask! We can cost-effectively create elements that you can continue to use in your marketing; whether they were background textures, picture blanks, or detailed illustrations. We also have strong experience in all types of printed products, business cards, car tapes, book skills and other industrial printed products. If necessary, we will also take care of the finished products for you, with just the right kind of specs!