Distance learning and how is it organized?

The past few years, and especially the constraints imposed by the Covid pandemic, have drastically accelerated the advancement of distance learning solutions in education as well.

In addition to traditional fields of study based on lectures and slide brackets, actors in many other fields have become aware of the potential of distance learning and tutoring. For example, activities in the sports sector have largely moved online due to circumstances. Some industries have also found a whole new kind of market by taking their services to potential customers in a whole new kind of digital format.

If educational activities are to be successfully marketed to paying customers, not only must the substance be in order, but the visual user experience must also be rewarding. Many courses today are spiced up with videos, as well as all sorts of visuals, to keep the student interested in the course.

Distance learning will certainly continue to be a growing trend in the future, even if Korona can be reversed in the coming years. Therefore, if your teaching business is suitable for distance learning, it is worth exploring its digital possibilities in good time and at the same time thinking about monetizing the teaching situation. The learning platform is an excellent basis for creating a distance learning environment suitable for the needs of your students, through which you can easily and efficiently transfer your knowledge to the desired target group. Distance learning is today from which there is no going back.

Tutor LMS

Tutor LMS allows you to customize the learning platform to suit the needs of each subscriber. Its hourly editing functions are easy to use and clear even for the actual programming incompetent teacher.

Text, images and videos can be imported to the platform, and integrated additional features can e.g. organize test sessions as well as scheduled Zoom meetings.

We can customize the platform to visually match your existing brand, and also add add-ons to it, for example, for group discussion and activities. The customer registers and logs in to the course platform via WordPress functions, so the platform also integrates seamlessly into the website and store.

Why Veppi?

Veppi builds Tutor LMS -based websites with reliable professionalism. We have experience with its numerous adjustments, as well as with platform turns and visual customizations. Let us know what your future educational platform represents so we can introduce you to references already made. Solutions you have already made will speed up the process, and will also give you a clear vision of the direction of your future educational page.